COVID-19 and doing justice

These are difficult times and Andrew and I do hope that everyone we have and currently work with are keeping healthy and coping with the restrictions.

Courts, tribunals and regulators are struggling somewhat to adapt the processes of justice to the new reality. Some hearings on technical points or case management can proceed online without difficulty, but we doubt that deciding complex life or career-changing questions which involve carefully testing the truth and nuance of factual evidence can be adequately done over a video link. There is much more discussion in this interesting survey report just published. It makes a number of important recommendations. Our own observation is perhaps if the government had not shut down half of the court estate over previous years we would now have the facilities we need for the growing backlog of socially-distanced trials.

It seems like much of the world has gone online to try and keep working. Thankfully in 2015 we designed our business model to be based on cloud platforms with minimal physical infrastructure to increase flexibility of working with our clients across the UK (and sometimes abroad) whilst also reduce unnecessary costs. This means our work advising, reassuring and representing our clients has continued as normal and we will ensure we continue to adapt into the future, whatever it brings.

Stay Safe.

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