Experienced sailors look to reach their destination as efficiently as possible.  They may not simply steer a straight line – they anticipate the effects of tide and wind.   They continually check their “course made good” towards their goal.

Effective lawyers are also outcome-focused and ensure their cases are on course.  They do not allow time and money to be wasted taking academic or hopeless points.  They will adjust strategy in light of the evidence to get the desired result.

The professionals we work with are intelligent, dedicated people capable of reflecting upon their own situation; our expertise is in charting a course through their difficulties. They already have insight and analytical skills which we help them to apply to their legal situation.

At the outset we identify what our client is seeking to achieve.  Some feel deeply wronged and some seek outcomes that the legal system cannot deliver, though negotiation might. Professionals in distress are extremely vulnerable to exploitation by lawyers who simply follow instructions and litigate optimistically.  In contrast we will advise clearly on what can be achieved.

We will give options to allow costs to be controlled, for example, many of our clients help prepare their own documents under our guidance.  All our clients are active participants in their cases.  Working together ensures that our course is made good.